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  • Should You Run In A Zero-Drop Shoe?
    Running gait analyst and running injury expert Jay Dicharry shares his top tips.  Q. Should it by my goal to eventually run in a zero-drop
  • How Compression Kit Works How Compression Kit Works
    You’ve probably seen fellow racers wearing tall compression socks, calf sleeves, thigh highs and full tights, wondered what they’re all
  • 12 Facts About Maximalist Shoes 12 Facts About Maximalist Shoes
    The category of high cushion or “maximalist” running shoes appears ready to explode. With some of the new shoes already at stores and


  • shutterstock_81645955-599x421 The Evolving Art Of Carbo-Loading
    You aren’t still putting yourself through a depletion phase, are you? The practice of carbo-loading dates back to the late 1960s. The
  • shutterstock_157278308-631x421 The Real Story On Sugar In Sports Drinks
    Sugar and its cousin, high fructose corn syrup, get a bad rap, writes Matt Fitzgerald. Photo: Believe it or not,
  • Fitness_Woman_Night_Calf_Sleeves_2.0_FlashGreen How To Increase Lean Body Mass
    Lean body mass is a critical component in determining overall fitness.    Although exercise represents the cornerstone for increasing

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