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  • Mizuno retooled its trail running shoe line in the summer by saying good-bye to the Wave Ascend and launching two great shoes in its place—including the Wave Kazan. Shoe Of The Week: Mizuno Wave Kazan
    The Wave Kazan is one of two great trail running shoes Mizuno debuted this year. Mizuno said goodbye to its Ascend trail shoe last year, a
  • Top 5 Tips For Buying Run Shoes Top 5 Tips For Buying Run Shoes
    Not all running shoes are designed the same and no shoe is perfect for every runner. Shopping for running shoes is like shopping for cars:
  • Susan Lacke wants to know: When is a pair of socks more than just a pair of socks? Photo: It’s Just a Sock
    Susan Lacke tries to make some sense of all the products on the market available to runners. As a writer for running and triathlon

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